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I also have some train related ramblings about Postman's Park - it really is a top little known spot in London.

Shame they have dropped Dennis Waterman from Little Britain, he was one of my favourites.

I had to google Ray "The Scottish flute playing hotelier" McConney and Linda "The Bigot Uni secretary" to remind me who they were again...

Fantastic info about Postman`s Park, I`ve marked it on my A to Z, for my nexted trip to London 2006.

I think Postman's Park was in "Closer" with Jude Law. I seem to remember the tiles as part of the film.

Funny as it can be (I find it a bit hit or miss though) how DO they get away with some of it? Take new character "Ting Tong"... rascism? xenophobia? anyone???

I'm with Caitlin Moran on this one. Thoroughly unenthused and most likely won't be watching.

Yep. I thought I was alone in thinking LB was a non-funny version of the Fast Show.

Ahhhh, that was good.
Not perfect, but still damned good.

Meh. I may have tittered once or twice, but on the whole it was pretty much as I expected. Won't be watching the rest.

I will always watch LB, but that sketch with Mrs Emery - was it? - pissing herself in the supermarket was vile and how could that actress just stand there while the piss flowed around her rhythm & blues? I know actors have to remain rooted to the spot for camera angles and shit but if it was James Dean standing there he'd be leaping about avoiding getting soaked! Bits like that really ruin a scene for me.

The wee was better than the sick in the last one. We always somehow ended up watching the tape while we were eating.

And Max - it wasn't real wee y'know, only coloured water...

Blue Witch - - I would retort...accordingly, but I don't want to insult your intelligence.

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