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More things I learnt yesterday...
• my fake blogads got three times as many clicks yesterday as any other link on my site in the last week.
• people really are stupid, aren't they?
• just because people are stupid doesn't mean I should try to take advantage of them.

But think of all the money you could make!!!


People aren't stupid, just curious.

Maybe they thought you'd arranged for your fake ads to lead somewhere amusing.

So inconclusive on blogs as usual - it's all such a young discpline that no one really knows what will happen to blogs, they just know that they are effing big at the moment and there's bound to be lots of companies that will want to see if they can make some money out of them.

If you see your blog as more of a means of publishing, why shouldn't you have ads on there? I know bloggers who make more than peanuts from their ads and they aren't really big - they just place their blog ads in more obvious places than some of us and have less content on their front pages (ahem, cough) to distract from the ads. (If I wanted to make more money from blog ads I could - it's not something I want to do right now).

However, if you see your blog as purely a bit of fun, I can see why you wouldn't want ads on your blog.

DG your experiment has proved that blog ads do get clicked on.

PS - I do make a reasonable amount of money from affiliate links and if anyone wants to know more about monetising their blogs without having blog ads they might want to look at the post from October on my non tube related blog - I thank you!

Bit disappointed you didn't go the whole hog and include a pop up window though, DG...

Annie, the fact that people clicked on DG's fake ads doesn't prove that blog ads do get clicked on. I have never clicked on an ad from a blog before yesterday, and I only did so yesterday because I was curious what DG had linked to. I've never come across before, and thought it might be a site discussing the world of ads on blogs - it was, I guess, but wasn't what I was expecting. Which is often the way with DG's links.

What Katherine said. Also, the point I should have made yesterday is this: the real reason I don't carry blog ads is that it would create a small but significant space, on MY site, that wouldn't belong to me... and I, as the site owner (never mind the readers for a minute!), would resent that intrusion.

dg writes: I wholeheartedly agree

As I commented on the original thread, um, two minutes ago.

Blog owners can easily be split into the hobbyists and the 'I wanna be a professional' blogger.

I'd venture the divide for who would tolerate ads on their site may fall along similar lines (with the usual plus and minus effect).

And blogging isn't, in internet terms, that young... it's been about for 10 years!

OK - I use Google adsense and as a blogger I can decide to block certain ads from appearing on my site so I do have an element of control over the ads that I choose to display. I also run an affilate scheme for the London Pass on my main site and I can again choose to block competitive ads - so I believe that gives me enough control.

If traffic to my site nose dived as a result of the Google ads I would take them off.

Google and Yahoo!'s Overture make millions from these sorts of ads - so many people are clearly clicking on them and spending money when they get to the site, otherwise the advertiser wouldn't continue to advertise.

Agreed the odd specialist blog was around 10 years ago but not to the level that we see it now - not to the level where the Evening Standard make it main feature article. Not to the level where every broadsheet paper in the UK has a blog of the day.

DG and myself get a lot of regular commenters who comment on our blogs. Regular commenters are not the only people with opinions but the only people who choose to make their opinions heard. Just because a few people of you have made comments against blog ads it doesn't mean the rest of DG's readers feel the same.

I'm clearly banging my head against a brick wall with the few people who have commented here, and I feel that I have taken up more than enough of DG's space, so I will move on.

I'm not against blog ads per se - and wouldn't dream of criticising people that put them on their site - it's their blog after all. I don't click on them myself, but that's because I think finding products or services through random ads is not a terrible sensible way of doing or finding things.

I was just pointing out that the fact that people clicked on DG's fake ads doesn't prove that blog ads do get clicked on.

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I have google ads on my blog. My exprience with it:

Update: Annie's posted a long article in support of blogadding over at her Yahoo blog.

I'd love to respond, in depth, except "You must be a member of Yahoo! 360° to comment on this blog entry", and I'm not, so I can't.

Suffice to say Annie, I agree with half of what you wrote, but I'm still yelling at my screen at the other half

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