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Write the theme toon, sing the theme toon - Dennis Waterman alongside the classic David Bowie's Fashion - how weird is that.

I would have picked Kate Bush's Army Dreamers and Adam and The Ants' Dog Eat Dog and Spandau's To Cut A Long Story Short - how on earth did they move into the pop pulpy Gold after doing that and "Chant Number 1 - I don't need this pressure on"

Now reduced to DFS adverts and appearing on reality TV shows in an attempt to revive their ailing careers.

3 days it's going to take me to get Enola Gay out of my head...

Good to have the Enola Gay riff (and it's atmospheric picture cover sleeve) back in my head. I remember playing that to death in my second year hall of residence room in Camden.... excellent.

The Earth Dies Screaming (UB40) - That brief five minutes before UB40 disappeared up their own arses.

Blondie for me, then and now.

I liked Enola Gay at the time, whilst being too young to understand what it was all about, it was the modern synth sounds that appealed.

Enola Gay reminds me a little TOO much of Student Union/Halls of Residence discos in my first term at Uni; so severely overplayed at the time that I've never been able to enjoy it since.

Favourites at the time? Spandau, Dog Eat Dog (I was super-hip and had already taped their previous single "Kings Of The Wild Frontier" off the John Peel show), Whip It (which only peaked at #51 in early December). I also had an "ironic" attachment to Sheena (bloody students, eh), and a slightly worrying fondness for ver Quo's "What You're Proposing".

Other non-charting favourites: "Politics!" by Girls At Our Best, "Blue Boy"/"Love Sick" by Orange Juice, and Bow Wow Wow's 8-track "Your Cassette Pet".

Tracks which I grew to love a lot more over time: I'm Coming Out, Stephanie Mills, and Gladys Knight's "Bourgie Bourgie" ("everybody wants to be... super bourgeoisie!")

Surely the would-now-get-an-ASBO 'Baggy Trousers' deserves a mention. Back of the head with a plastic cup, indeed.

I must admit a sneaking and shameful enjoyment of 'Woman in Love'. But otherwise yes - it's 'Dog Eat Dog' for me.

I was 4 years old for gods sakes.. :D

well, I was only 9 so I don't remember many of these. But I was at the mercy of an older brother who loved Bad Manners and who had the sole tape player in the house in his room.

I bought ALL the singles by Bad Manners, OMD, Adam and The Ants and Spandau, and you expect me to choose between them?! It would be like choosing a favourite child! I think ABBA's 'Super Trouper' was probably my favourite single of November 1980 though. (PS. I am impressed that your chart geekiness extends to dating the chart by the Tuesday when it was actually released, rather than the week ending date. I was writing it down on Tuesdays too!)

Ah yes, Chig, this feature is lovingly researched using my scribbled-down-at-the-time Top 40 listings. I knew they'd come in useful one day.

Tuesday is the proper day for chart releases... at lunchtime huddled around an old radio in the only classroom that had one.

Amigo by Black Slate (September or thereabouts). First record I ever bought, and it's still a keeper.

Jessh, yeah I did wear a kilt and frilly shirt, but I prefer Bowie "Fashion" and Roxy Music "Same Old Scene". I did buy the 12" of TCALSS

I'd have to pick 'A Message to you Rudy' by The Specials, 'A Town Called Malice' by The Jam and 'Transmission' and 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' by Joy Division.

Odyssey were quite big right about this time. Last saw them doing the half-time show at Pride Park when Leeds were playing Derby this time seven or so years ago (drew 2-2)

Yep. Bad Manners does it every time: Lorraine, The Can Can, Lip Up Fatty, Special Brew and Walking In The Sunshine.

Magic ska moments to make your day.

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