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Shurely Ley'on should be listed as five letters... there's no Ts round 'ere

If you're counting "Cheam" as London, then i reckon you should include "Epsom" and "Ewell" as well. And not just because it's the best place in the UK to live...

Technically, Epping, Debden and Ilford are actually Essex, as is Barkingside....

Sounds like Epping, Debden and Brent have to go, then. The list gets shorter...


It's in Ian Drury's bus driver's prayer, even if it is just outside the M25... so it might count.


I'll get me coat.

It's a weak effort, but maybe 'City'?

There's also an area out near Heathrow called 'Hatton' where Hatton Cross gets its name.

But by that logic, Kew is in Surrey, and so shouldn't be on the list either.

Don't get me started on Middlesex...

Going in...
Hatton (in Hounslow)

Staying in...
Kew (in Richmond)
Cheam (in Sutton)

Going out...
Debden and Epping (in Essex)
Brent (a borough, not a place)

West Ham is several miles EAST of Ham... funny, eh?

Cheam is a great place and the shortness of name merely enhances it's exotic mystery. But on another point, I'd like to get in touch with Diamond Geezer about the Fleet. I have not had a chance to read the entire piece yet, but it looks as if we are thinking the same thing.
Please email me to make contact on [email protected] when you can

How about Sheen?

I can find East Sheen and North Sheen, but not Sheen (though I guess it would have to exist, by default).

A south-west Londoner can answer this. Sheen is the old name for Richmond before Henry VIII renamed it after his favourite place in Yorkshire.

Re: Sheen. To use a Midlands example, there is no logic to these things. I work in West Bromwich, but have yet to find East, North or South Bromwich, or even just Bromwich. Strange.

And there's no Drayton for West Drayton to be west of.

Isn't Hook in Hampshire?

...and therefore in the London Borough of Kingston, just.

What about Oval?

What about Hampton, in the London Borough of Richmond.

Hampton IS between Northampton and Southampton, kind of...

Nork is, I think, in the LB of Kingston

Nork, alas, is just in Surrey.
Fantastic name, though.


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