please empty your brain below

Freezywater? another 11...

Hayes could get mentioned twice in the short list, as there are two of them...

Twickenham, Teddington, Strawberry Hill

dg writes: 10 letters, 10 letters, two words

Debster beat me to the obvious ones on my patch.

Edgwarebury (11)

Yep Freezywater, next to Brimsdown (9), East of Enfield Town. It's as grim as it sounds.

Is Bishopsgate allowed?

Again near Heathrow and only just inside the M25 and Greater London... Harmondsworth.

Whoops... already there.

Mile End is the longest- sorry two words

Depending on your definition of London (and to redeem myself)... these are inside the M25 and Greater London...

Southborough and nearby Locksbottom (both in Bromley, but arguably in Kent)

Going in...
Freezywater (in Enfield)
Edgwarebury (in Barnet)
Southborough and Locksbottom (in Bromley)

If you have Southfields, surely you must have Northfields too? (I assure you it is a real place)

...and Badger's Mount. (also for reasons listed above)

Sorry but I'm not amused. When I give directions to my home of near Pratt’s Bottom and on top of Badgers Mount- I can see hesitation in the listener’s eyes to respond with a quip. I'm moving soon

What about Christtottenhamsadump?

What about Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooting, depending on how many hits it returns.

Oh no, wait. That's Google.

What about Rickmansworth. And do hyphenated words counts as one, if so Harrow-on-the-Hill surely has to included?

Rickmansworth's in Hertfordshire.
And Harrow-on-the-Hill... hmm, cunning, but no.

Woodmansterne is a solid 13... the place itself is technically outside Greater London but the railway station is inside (in LB Croydon).

I just went so over the top I opened the Wikipedia page for every London Borough! That's how sad I am.

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