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Love Soup has indeed been a gem... slightly flawed I think but still better than just about everything else of this oeuvre. I hope they don't meet up... then we might get another series.

Iain M Banks surely if it's one of his Sci-fi epics

I was surprised to enjoy Love Soup, because the description of it in the listings makes it sound dreadful. The Flatmate talked me into it based on Tamsin Greig being in it.

And Banks is great stuff, both with and without the "M". Though he does occasionally go a bit over the top (Excession is aptly named) and could use a slightly more cranky editor at times.

I'll put in another vote for Ian M Banks. Like most genres, sci fi is full of dross, but the good stuff is really worth it.

PS I rather liked Excession but Feersum Injun made my head hurt.

Yes, I've been greatly enjoying the "gentle humour" of Love Soup as well. Was this really the same person who wrote "One Foot In The Grave"? Wow.

Love Soup. It's just great. OK, it has weak moments, but not half as bad as the best bits of many other programs, and in general it's good enough to make you forgive the occasional slip. And they're only occasional, thankfully.

I think I'd prefer it if they didn't meet up.

NiC's right - Iain M Banks I really can't face the idea of reading his stuff. Too traditionalist sci fi.

Whereas I love Iain Banks - totally different to the massive sci fi tomes

Iain M Banks... too spaceshippy for me. I prefer William Gibson. Or 'speculative fiction' like Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood.

OK OK, I'll stick the M in...

Feersum Endjinn also made my head hurt and didn't make sense until I'd worked my way, carefully, through all the head-hurting bits.
My first exposure to the SF of Mr Banks was "Use of Weapons" and I liked it so much I read all the rest of his SF but the one I liked the most is "Against a Dark Background". When I finish The Algebraist I just might go back and re-read that one.

anything wrong with the North :D

and maybe I'll give it a go... I've not read any of his SF stuff for a while.

I loved 'Love Soup'. I work just over the bridge from the store where Alice "worked".
Sad that they never met, but not a surprise.

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