please empty your brain below

I recognised the route of his cycle ride as a geographical impossibility. This was a distraction, I admit.

Always the way with any film shot anywhere familiar, isn't it? "How did they end up there?"

Mervyn Day, of course, is now Charlton's assistant manager, doing most of Alan Curbishley's shouting for him. St Etienne's Bob Stanley is, I think, a Charlton fan.

Went to the second screening of this film at the Barbican, so I missed the live set. I was looking forward to this for some time, being a photographer based in East London with an affection for the Lea Valley. However, I was very dissapointed. The film-making was very poor, the direction hammy and the cinematography cliched (over use of heavy grad filters, a sure sign of unsure camerawork).
The film tried to be something between the excellent Akenfield by Peter Hall, and Ridley Scott's accomplished student short Boy and Bicycle, and failed at every level. Even the Lea Valley itself, a true hetrotopia, and a fascinating subject, is poorly presented. A missed opportunity.

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