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I don't have any particular view on bendy buses, but it would have been nice if someone could have updated the Routemaster design.

Rather ironic that it was 'health and safety' rules that kept conductors on buses for so long, when now it is 'health and safety' rules that are finishing off the Routemasters (are there any statistics showing numbers of injuries from people jumping on and off?).

Aw, you're really in love with those Routemasters, aren't you? It's got to the stage that when I hear news of their demise, I no longer think "poor Routemasters", but "poor DG"...

I saw a White Stagecoach owned 38 going onto New Oxford Street at lunchtime. Its final destination was Leyton, where it used to go many moons ago. Wonder why it was going there?

I saw that one too, in High Holborn, a few hours later. They bring out lots of old buses on a 'last day' to drive alongside the standard (doomed) Routemasters. Often the old buses run along an 'old' route, not the current one. And you can usually ride them for free

I went up to Clapton Pond for a post I never got time to write (tomorrow, tomorrow...) and was stunned at how manky that pond was - especially as the housing behind it is lovely. Hackney Council for you, isn't it?

Hi there.

I too am equally mad at the demise of the Routemaster.

But you can get back.

For one, I called TFL asking that the 38 is turned into a heritage route - it has every right to be considering its journey.

Two, don't pay! TFL has left a loophole. If you buy a bunch of Saver tickets (£6) - you've got a valid ticket if an inspector appears. Why let bendy buses profit from our disdain.

Three. Grafitti on the back of seats encouraging people to lobby TFL to make the 38 a heritage route. Grafitti cannot ruin an already ugly bendy bus!

Great description of Clapton Pond, like being there. At least there will still be doubledeckers,

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