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Thanks DG, that bought back many happy memories.

When I visited London a few years ago I stayed in Goswell Rd in Islington. It was right between the Angel and Barbican stations. The highrise I was in (Turnpike House) was a bit run down, but magnificent views (St Pauls from the kitchen window!), proximity to fabulous places and friendly locals made this the best holiday I've ever had.

I think I may even have caught the 38 bus from the Angel tube station.

Very sad. Progress - pah.

Coo! I know you walked there, but did you get the bus back? You could have kept getting on-and-off the same bus to take photos and annoy the conductor! tee-he-he

dg writes: No buses were ridden during the taking of these photographs. It's good exercise.

What Emma said.
Makes me glad I'm not still commuting to London and having to suffer new buses...

I noticed that one particular bus appeared several times - is that because it went very slowly or because you caught it on several trips?

Maybe there was more than one bus that appeared more than once (I couldn't see all their number plates, and I had the slideshow on superfast) - how many different ones did you photograph?

PS Is the Packington Street bus supposed to appear twice in the 5x2 grid on the page, or are they random and it just happened?

Ah - they're random - although I got 2 Cambridge Circus's that time...

That could be a good game...

How many times does one have to press 'refresh' to get duplicates?


How many times does one have to press 'refresh' to see all 38.

That's a game for people at work, naturally

They are randomly selected. However, because of the way flickr works, I've had to make my 5x2 table out of two 5x1 strips, so it's quite possible for a photo to appear once in the top row and once in the bottom row.

Out of all those route 38s on that link from around the world, the Routemaster is (was) by far the best-looking. Sad day.

When do the last RMs go out of service?

Right, given DG's info above, challenge for the mathematically non-challenged:

What's the probability of:

(a) getting a duplicate bus on a refresh
(b) getting a specified duplicate bus on a refresh?

(am I allowed to set challenges on other people's blogs? )

(PS DG is not allowed to enter, but can judge the answers)

(a) 0.696 (5/38 + 5/37 + 5/36 + 5/35 + 5/34) i.e. quite high.

(b) 0.0183 [a /38]

The solution for (a) is that it doesn't matter what the first row contains but the chances of a duplicate are 5/the number in the bag for each space on the second row.

Thank you for sharing the pictures. Those are great pictures. It is a sad day for London.

If you want to see a 1958 RM running this weekend (Saturday) then there's one doing a 'wedding' run (I'm an usher for the day) between Kew and Twickenham on Saturday lunchtime...

Those effing stupid bendy buses. I used to live in Islington, but when the bendy bus came in (and they turned my local - The Florence - into a cafe/bar that did stone-baked pizza & peppermint tea) on route 73 I knew it was time to leave. WHY OH WHY THE BENDY BUSES? (a) They take up more road and (b) they carry less people. HELLLOOO, KENNY...HOW IS THIS GOING TO SOLVE THE GRIDLOCK ON LONDON'S ROADS? Personally, I smell a backhander. [Rant over]. Great pictures though, really brought the memories flooding back...have they refurbished the Half Moon yet on Essex Road? Is it still full of scary nutters?

If I knew you were going to take a photo of my bus stop (Navarino Road in Hackney suburbia) I would have hung about and posed.

Actually you could have painted me red and I would look like a bus according to most people...

There's also a free poetry event in the Old Red Lion with John Hegley taking place on Friday night to mourn its passing. Apparently Hegley used to be bus conductor.

BW Blue Star for Rick. I managed part (a) but failed to think part (b) through.

Given that the chance of getting a double is 0.696, I've had one on 8/10 refreshes. Definite Proof of my Witchy Powers

Thank you soooo much for this. My partner and I lived 8 years in London (we have now settled in Spain), and Route 38 was very special to us. We both were at the LSE in Holbron, and took the 38 to Hackney (Lower Clapton). We also would cycle along the same route. Later we changed flat and lived in Islington, again on Route 38, and again we cycled and walked all along it. Just looking at these pictures has made me very nostalgic on this grey, rainy day in Spain. I had to call my partner and show this too her - for the first time, we feel we miss London and perhaps it's about time we paid a visit back. So thank you very much for this. I am completely new to your blog (just came over from Reynolds' blog), but you're bookmarked now. Cheers mate.

dg- you've done the old 38 proud! Your photo journey is great. I used to catch it at the stop opposite Sadler's Wells - best stop on the route - gardens behind, The Met Water Board flower beds opposite - was worth the wait after a hard day's work

Your pics made be go all nostalgic for quite another reason. One or more of your buses have the registration "JJD". JD was an old West Ham registration, and we had a Swift 10HP open tourer before, during and after the war which was JD 81. Sob.

I did all my London Transport bus journeys on the models before the Routemaster came out. More sob.

I just took the bendy bus on the 38 today. Horrible. Too crowded and you can't see where you are (if you are standing up which will occur 80\\% of the time due to lack of seats). I miss the Routemaster already. I think I will start to take the 19 instead.

When I lived in Leyton, the 38 used to run all the way out to Bakers Arms (1990ish)

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