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Just elderly residents? Surely all residents face a 1 1/2 mile journey to the nearest supermarket. Or is there a secret supermarket for youngsters that only DG knows about?

That means just under 10\\% of parlimentary votes in the last 6 months were on the ID card bill.

They have all been so busy with ID cards, I'm not surprised we're still waiting for the no-smoking in public places bill to be agreed.

If low profits are the main reason for the Morrisons closure, why not ask your local MP if he can ‘arrange’ a few barrels of oil to be left at the store?

This means there are 12 MPs with a worse voting record that Galloway. I hope they are all in comas/recovering from childbirth/dead, otherwise that is just shocking.

Ahhh yes, gorgeous George is a wonder isn't he. As you say, I agree with a lot of what he has to say but the way he says a lot of it reveals the self-serving side of his nature. And this is why he is so fascinating... bit like a really bad car crash.

MrBW and I think he should be Prime Minister

I particularly loved the way the BBC reporter asked him if he'd been able to do any work for his constituency yesterday in the light of the American 'crisis' and he replied along the lines of, "No, because I've been servicing the various parts of the BBC who demand interviews."


Classic? That was one of the comments that made me squirm. Self self self.

Although by the end of the interview I'd gone right off the BBC reporter too, for just asking pointlessly stupid questions in an attempt to provoke a reaction.

Hmmmm - I don't perceive that as selfish. It seemed to us that in that comment he was saying: "You're wasting my time, but I'm playing your game because there's a game to be played, but, unlike other politicians, I'm being honest about having seen through the game."

We like Galloway because:

(a) He stands up to the media
(b) He stands up to the Americans
(c) He tells it how it is

He doesn't seem any better or worse than many other politicians... at least he's making a noise about local issues...

"He tells it how it is"
"He doesn't seem any better or worse than many other politicians"

You're serious about this, aren't you?

I think we're going to have to disagree about Mr G, wholly and utterly.

Blair lied about Iraq...

You ever noticed how political blogs devolve into endless (and intrinsically pointless) "you're wrong" "no you're wrong" shouting matches?

I have written a pointed reply to that last comment, which I have placed in a sealed envelope, and I'm now moving on.

I don't read political blogs for just that reason. Nothing in the world is ever solved in that way (*doesn't mention Iraq, I mentioned it once and didn't get away with it... *).

Which is why I am only interested in local politics.

But I really, really, really, don't understand why you dislike George so much? I've read all your posts onthe subject, but I still don't get it.

Am I the only one?

this guy is scottish right?
enough said then.

i reckon he'll come a cropper on this one. there is no way the yanks are going to suffer another humiliation; if the evidence isn't there, some will have been fabricated.

Your remark ‘For the first time, democracy scares the life out of me’ is so true, BUT if you believe in democracy and that fair play and common sense will eventually prevail then it's only a question of time before the Respect Party implodes.

Galloway was an apologist for Saddam and his regime. That says enough really.

I know that many goverments and individuals eg, George Bush snr, supported Saddam in the past, that's OK I loathe them too.

I couldn't see a Trackback button, so here's my link.

Galloway's a bit like the Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan.

Without Galloway/ Jordan, politics/ football would be a hell of a lot duller. It doesn't stop them being arseholes, though.

The thought of a load of Wespect bores picketing Ken Morrison's HQ about a supermarket makes me chuckle. "Support the intifada! Death to the Zio.... Safewayists!"

Saw George speaking at the LSE last week. He carried the audience along with him for 40 minutes, but not once did he mention what a Respect government would do that would be better than what the present one is.

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