please empty your brain below

Lamb for Christmas lunch, anyone?

Not since Monty Python has there been so much fuss over a dead parrot...

make sure you wash your hands thoroughly each time you touch something and avoid cows at all costs, not that i think there are that many in london.

Can I make a joke about Essex Birds?

Probably not.

God, it's like 28 Days Later, but with fewer zombies.

*checks her echinacea stock and wonders whether it will help*

Most of my family are convinced they've got bird flu. In fact, it turned out to be a cold, a liver infection, and a minor bout of angina, but I feel that those are ample excuses for me to not go home for Christmas. You can't be too careful.

That reminds me of Where The Wind Blows.

Frightfully well done DG.

Awesome post.. expect the worse and it won't happen

Oooh, sorry, i said that without seeing where someone else had already put it above. Arse.

'28 days later' anyone?

The FIRST time?! You've always seen your parents at Christmas? Blimey.

#Have a cracking Woolworths.
#Have a cracking Christmas, shopping's free.
#Christmas shopping is it any wonder.
#Christmas shopping it's the place to be.

Excellent post - but remember, this years flu jab won't do anything against H5N1.

Powerful stuff.

Dear Mum and Dad

Sorry I can't make it home for Christmas but Ronnie Barker's re-animated corpse is prowling the streets sucking out peoples brains. Just to risky to go out...

felixstowe Exclusion Zone? Excellent, perfect excuse not to spend Christmas in Felixstowe this year *laughing*

Clicked a random date and wound up on this post. Happy Coronaversary to one and all

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