please empty your brain below

Typical! I leave, and E15 gets a half-decent record shop. Harrumph!

I resent the implication of both this post and A Reader that 'Mister Byrite' is in any way an undecent shop...

I was about to sympathise with you regarding the demolition of the church, but then I looked at the photo. Bring in the bulldozers! The damage was already done when they knocked down the older one, by the look of it.

Oh, and Hurricane Pi - wasn't that a couple of films starring Jason Biggs? You set 'em up...

I helped HMV set-up-shop, definitely gives that arm of the Mall a lift.

Thanks Darren - you managed a real Challenge Anneka transformation there.

I was in London yesterday, for nothing!

I didn't visit Bow Road tube though, as I was with people with more interesting intentions. Maybe some other time. Or not.

Camden was *ace*. And I just laughed at the twats going skunkweedskunkweedskunkweedskunkweed under their breath.

I have fond memories of that church. In fact, my singing career started there way back in 1967 when I played the Angel Gabriel and sang all the important bits in 'Once in Royal Davids City'. I've always had a soft spot for gold tinsel since then!

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