please empty your brain below

I had a feeling you'd get round to the Bonfire Night anniversary. I hope we're all determined to make the most of this year's opportunity to glorify terrorism AND incite religious hatred at the same time, before Blair's forthcoming oppressive legislation denies us the opportunity ever to celebrate 5th November again.

Here in Parliament, we've been bogged down with Gunpowder celebrations since the start of the summer recess.

There's a great exhibition in Westminster Hall which you'll no doubt blog. But it does get a bit intimidating when you walk past massive concrete barriers to get into work every morning, and then stroll past an exhibition about how your workplace was nearly destroyed... all before you've had your first cup of coffee.

So DG, one request, go easy over fireworks week for us (slightly paranoid) parliamentary workers.

Went round weeks ago.
I plan way ahead, me.

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