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A sad day indeed.

I hate bendy buses.

Aside from the grotesque design, the fact that the drivers use the vehicles as if they were on a race course, means that the whole experience of travelling on them is both scary and uncomfortable, not to mention unsafe if you are elderly, disabled or with children.

There's nothing like having a conductor on hand to assist* and delay the driver from accelerating until all the passengers are seated.


*Though clearly there is something to be said for the accessibility of the bendy buses as opposed to Routemasters, for people with disabilities.

Well, I for one shall definitely not be mourning the passing of the Routemasters. Every journey I've ever had on one has been cold, damp, cramped, and generally uncomfortable.

That said, why we couldn't just go for modern double-deckers or an updated RM design is totally beyond me. The bendies are quite fun but totally impractical for London - they're hell round Islington already.

The 159 too eh, shame. I used to get that one twice a day when I lived in St.Reatham.

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