please empty your brain below

Hmmm I think I have seen just about all of those being done.

What including the caravan?

I'm loving this one "take photographs or any other recordings of visual images for the purpose of or in connection with a business, trade, profession or employment;"

So what actually happens if you break the byelaws?

A shrubbery? That's a bit Python-esque!!!

I'm not even covinced there's a single shrubbery or flower bed anywhere in the square.

And what do they mean by "go"?

Usually I would say to relieve oneself, to discharge ... lol. And yes I have seen a caravan there.

I love to see someone 'caused to be played' a musical instrument. I can just see a busker being held at gun point.

I was wondering about the 'cause to be played' bit too. Perhaps if you look like you're about to make a speech (in itself illegal anyway), or a particularly extravagant entrance, a passing trumpeter might involuntarily break into a fanfare?
That would obviously be terrible.

As for 'foot-propelled devices', doesn't that include shoes? Mine are definitely propelled by my feet. Ken should enforce that one, and just have a square full of hippies, feral children and Sandie Shaw. (Sorry, forgot, she's included in the first lot already.)

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