please empty your brain below

There was another statue in the square, one of General Gordon. It was mid-way between the fountains facing Nelson's Column. It is now on the Victoria Embankment, having been moved there in the forties. It was unveiled on October 15th 1888, but Sir Charles Warren's edict prohibiting public meetings in the square which led to the Bloody Sunday riot the year earlier was still in force, so it was a strange unveiling. A small group of dignataries gathered and a Mr Plunkett, Commissioner of the Board of Works, stepped forward, pulled the canvas off the statue, stepped back and saluted and they all dispersed without a word being spoken. Meanwhile a crowd of radicals looked on from the side-streets jeering them and daring them to break the edict.

I think there should be a statue which truly unites the world, one of Blair sitting at the feel of a golf club wielding Bush. Then we can unite the world and throw things at it.

Heh, heh.. start the petition Mr.BW... and I'm sure Ken would be on your side (secretly).

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