please empty your brain below

Indeed Lapper's piece is striking and it is nice to have an "ordinary" person in the Square.

A refreshing change from old blokes on horses.

I too was more impressed by this sculpture than I expected but it's sad it's so high up... from much of the square it appears much like a normal bust. To get the best view one has to leave the square (as I assume you did). Not the artist's fault obviously as that's just the way the plinth was built.... and at least it's not as high up as the Nelson one!

Personally, I like it not because it is a depiction of disability but because it is beautiful.

The cynic in me wanted to hate the piece, but yes, it is rather good, and fits well into the environment.

Rather embarrassingly, the fourth plinth has a mis-spelt plaque that has the word "resiliance" rather than the correct "resilience".

Apparently, a new plaque has been ordered...

Compared to the mighty Nelson, who changed the course of history, and indirectly created the conditions that lead to us being the 5th richest country in the world or whatever it is, what has Alison Lapper done to deserve being there?

Isn't Mandela going to have a statue there? That's much more appropriate.

My response to the 4th plinth was somewhat different. Got a blog post on it somewhere in here but I'm always sceptical of the lengths that political correctness will be taken and perhaps overly cynical as a result.

Even so, I feel the statue, more than anything, has created ms Lappper as a minor celebrity, a pedestal from which she now likes to preach her views. Fair enough except for the part where she seems to be spouting complete rubbish.

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