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Wasnt it at Trafalgar Square that the police shot that man, Stephen something, because they thought he was somebody else? About New Years time? I wonder what happened to him.

You might think that Trafalgar Square would be a prime target in wartime, as a result of it's symbolism, and as a place of "shared celebration and commemoration" as DG puts it. But I heard a story the other day (can't vouch for it's veracity) that during WW2, Hitler ordered his pilots NOT to bomb the Square. The idea being that, following a German victory, he would lead a procession into the square to proclaim the country his, and ultimately replace Nelson's statue with his own. Apparently this is, to some extent, borne out by a lack of bomb damage (and subsequent re-building) in the surrounding streets. It would also, if true, have made Trafalgar Square the safest place to be during the blitz.

i watched ida barr try to entertain the crowds at Pride a few years ago using a battery powered microphone. and the batteries were dead. theres a lovely picture of my mum when she was a teenager in the 50's sitting on one of the lions in trafalgar sq. i cycle round half of the sq every evening on my way home and say "gud evening luv" to alison lapper. i miss the pigeons. i've never been to trafalgar sq on new years eve but i've been to times sq.

Been to a few NUS anti tuition fees rallies in the square. Typically as students we ended up being more interested in the Sports Bar down the road than what Livingstone had to say...

One of the vertical slabs under the lions on the south side isn't smooth like the others, and looks unfinished. I've wondered why this was - bomb damage perhaps? Anyone know?

Never been that fond of it myself. Always seems a bit grotty close up. And hemmed in by so much traffic. (Slightly less now, I suppose.)

I haven't been to any events in the square, but about seven or eight pages of my book uses contemporary accounts to detail the events leading up to and first-hand accounts of the day of the Bloody Sunday Riot which took place there on November 13th 1887.

I'm a big fan of the Square, even if the multi-cultural side of things as stressed by Ken sometimes seem just a little bit too worthy.

Here's my roll call:

Vaisakhi Festival,

National Bike Week launch

and the Anti-racism Festival.

Plus seeing as though Haloscan only allows three links...

The Red Army in the Square.,
the totally bonkers Trafalgar Sqaure Festival

and pictures of the Square itself.

Trafalgar Square is where all distances to London are measured from, isn't it?

Also, if you want to see a Diwali celebration, I'd recommend taking a train out to Southall from Paddington on Diwali night and just sitting in one of the parks. It'll be like world war three.

Always made a point of, whenever passing through Trafalgar Square, saying hi to the picket at South Africa House during the time Nelson Mandela was still in jail.

An interesting piece about the history of the square that reiterates the story about Hitler not bombing it, so he could nick Nelson's Column.

My most memorable - and scariest - moment in Trafalgar Square was the poll tax riot. I was on the Northeast corner, looking down into the square, when, ahead and to our left, South Africa House* 'mysteriously' caught fire. It really did feel like revolution (before it turned into mindless looting).

*The planks on the scaffolding around the building, to be precise.

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