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Nelson wasn't actually half blind - he used to wear his patch to increase the sensitivty in his eye, thus at night time he had very, very good vision in his 'patched' eye. It was a trick used by many a sailor & pirate to aid night time navigation.

I look forward to reading your observations about Marc Quinn's sculpture ("Alison Lapper Pregnant"), unveiled on 15 September. It's installed on the fourth plinth, scene of temporary public art installations. has some information. The piece's relevance to the square was the basis of recent debate in some culture blogs.

A 200th anniversary is still fresh enough in the historical record to engage people's interest, but once 939 years have passed, few remember... Friday, 14 October marked the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and the Norman flood.

dg writes: We celebrated the 1066 anniversary at work with doughnuts - any excuse!

Brilliant! Looking very much forward to it - I hope it will help me optimise my lunch breaks with hints on short trips to see interesting stuff.

It's a shame you didn't get to Portsmouth. You could have reported on this:

Britain's tallest viewing tower, opening this week!

Excellent idea... I found a lot of interest that I'd previously missed whn I was photographing the Alison Lapper sculpture/statue last month.

Apparently there is a spelling error on the Alison Lapper sculpture. LBC are reporting that "resilience" has been miss spelt.

Do you reckon it'll be politically correct in 200 years' time to celebrate today's British exploits in Iraq?
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Madrid (Spain)

Marking 1066 with doughnuts is a revelation.
I was in Portsmouth pre-Spinnaker.
Who designed this engineering feat - an engineer or a sculptor, or was it a collaboration? No mention of the designer's name in the BBC article.
You must go to Portsmouth. The Mary Rose experience is/was chilling: a corpse, injected with years' worth of chemicals to preserve it, a desecration, a ghost, dripping. A mummy with silent spells hazing over it. Sad. But that was in 1999. Who knows what state it's in today...
Victory was there of course, drydocked. Impressive ship. I had no sense of Nelson's spirit haunting the place. Maybe he prefers Trafalgar Square.

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