please empty your brain below

Aha. I have of course been following the daily updates with great interest, but I have also been thinking about the conclusion.

And now I have it. Fascinating. Cheers.

Excellent piece throughout dg.
A very sad (if not unsurprising) conclusion... as you say I guess profit for shareholders comes first.

Sorry, did I say conclusion?
It seems I was a little premature...

Sunday 16th October
Overnight some Metronet gibbon has installed a new "next train" indicator halfway down the eastbound platform (between the 6th and 7th pillars). Presumably this is because you can't see the first "next train" indicator from halfway down the eastbound platform because it's obscured by pillars. Unfortunately, unless you happen to be standing precisely between the 6th and 7th pillars on the eastbound platform, it's impossible to see the new "next train" indicator because it's completely obscured (by pillars). The only passengers with a really clear view of the new "next train" indicator on the eastbound platform are those standing on the westbound platform, which is a fat lot of good for all concerned.

The utter uselessness continues...

This post deserves to be picked up by a national newspaper: superb reporting dg.

Exemplary work, DG.

First rate! I've been following this breath-taking saga all along; the way you tell it's funny and clever and savage and yes, The Girl is right - it deserves the widest possible attention. I hope Gordon reads it!

Excellent, dedeicated work. I considered cataloguing Metronet failings that affected me, but that has been going on for over three years.

The CCTV matter interests me most. As you point out, every move one makes on the Underground is taped by countless eyes in the sky. Yet for about a month after the shooting of the innocent Brazilian at Stockwell, the authorities were still insisting that he had jumped the barrier attempting to evade the police and that he was wearing this suspicious heavy jacket. The truth (or otherwise) of all of this must have been immediately obvious to anyone surveying the CCTV tapes. How come the police's story wasn't immediately rubbished?

i think you are great!

Well atleast something is keeping this economie thriving :D

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