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RIP Highgate Village bus terminus.
And that's another trolleybus replacement route gone, the 271 was introduced on the 20th July 1960 as a replacement for the 611 running over the same route, and hasn't changed appreciably since.
...and before the 611 trolleybus was the 11 tram! A long-established route indeed.
To an extent TfL are stripping out capacity they added, the 263 was extended back to Holloway in 2009 and the current terminus in 2014, the 21 was extended to Newington Green in 2006 and had only been restored to Moorgate at weekends in 2002. The 210 was double decked in 2008.

The rerouting of the 263 also breaks the longstanding Barnet - Finchley - Archway link via the current A1000/A1 going back to tram days as the 19 (this went to 'Euston' after Archway), trolleybus 609 from 1938 (this went to Moorgate after Archway), then the 104 followed by the 263.

The 'nice to have' would have been if the 143 had replaced the 263 as originally proposed and the 234 was extended to Archway via Highgate Village instead - giving a new link to Muswell Hill.
I wasn't in London when the 271 began, but I'm old enough to remember its new-fangled XA buses which arrived in 1965 and were LT's first production rear-engined batch. Finsbury Square was then also terminus to the late lamented 104 to Finchley, the first route to have the better known RML type.
It’s been a while since I’ve got the bus round there but is the 263 quite low frequency? Differing frequencies impacting interchange can be quite a big inconvenience.

dg writes: no, it runs every 10 minutes.
At the top end of Holloway road on the northside, is an alleyway with rails set in the ground. Local legend says it was for an early horse tram.
I use some combination of these buses most weeks - and this evokes two reactions. First, I had no idea any of these changes were taking place (so thanks for the update dg!). Second, I appreciate the desire to reduce spare capacity, but this makes every route I might have taken harder...
All very messy. I do wonder how well the passenger flows of all the existing bus routes have been mapped, as it's easy to get your crayons out and move bus routes around.

The Archway gyratory changes certainly didn't improve things for Highgate bus users, the old stop right outside the station was a lot more convenient than having to cross the road, and had more space too.
When I get my bus pass I plan to ride All the Bus Routes - or at least, what's left of them!!
Thanks for the vicarious trip instead.
Another very likely reason the 21 isn't going all the way to Highgate is that I highly doubt that the LTs can turn around there!
To be fair to the Archway de-gyratorification, the bit that got pedestrianised became a lot nicer than it used to be!
Anything planned for the final day?
coffin dodger: Not sure which end of Holloway Road you mean by "top" but there were certainly old tram tracks in an alley near Highbury Corner. The alley led to a car repair garage and the tracks were there in around 1970. I took my elderly mother back to the area at that time so she could look round her childhood haunts. She told me that the garage had been a horse tram depot when she was going to school nearby. IIRC there were still tracks inside the garage at that time.
Thanks for sifting through TfL’s obfuscation to remind us what’s really happening. Regrettably, double-speak isn’t a recent development for them: for years, bus and tube posters were headed “revision of fares” to avoid the unpalatable truth that the reality was fare increases.
coffin dodger: maybe the rail tracks you describe are at the entrance to the former Holloway bus garage which used to operate the 4, 4A, 27, 134A and 168A, and may well have been a horse tram depot before that. The current Holloway garage in Pemberton Gardens was then called Highgate which explains its code HT; the old Holloway was coded J.
I remember riding DM1755 on the 168A to Battersea Falcon, lovely juddery engine noise, then switching to the 77C to Raynes Park Junction Tavern where I remember having a crab paste sandwich on the upper deck.
I thought the Hogwarts Express was a train, not a bus.
Tram tracks. The tracks mentioned are at the northern, Archway station end of Holloway road, but on the opposite side.
Start at the site of Thomas tool shop and walk down the hill without crossing any roads. Alleyway to the left almost opposite an Aldi or a Lidl. Would like to know the history.
45 minutes seems slow for 5 miles, averaging,6.7 miles per hour, wondering if it's in the bottom 10% of bus speeds. Reckon something like the A10 or X26 is the fastest

dg writes: it is indeed in the bottom 10%.
Seems as if the last day service is a bit of a mess with 271's terminating at Archway according to this London bus fan site.

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