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Just one answer each, please.

3)ii) close call between Notting Hill Gate and Earl' Court but it's a bit early to get the map out so i'll take a chance and go for NHG.

Furthest south on the network is Morden.

1) IV) Would that be Upminster?

Furthest north on the Circle Line is King's Cross/St Pancras.
Question: does this Quiz eventually lead to Mornington Crescent?


3)iv) Aldgate

As for 2) I'd guess it's likely to be the most easterly station, due to the extensions out for the 2012 Olympics...

2. Southernmost station to be West Croydon once the East London Line extension is complete. Although it is turning into a "metro-style train service" so does that count? Guess so as must still use tube rolling stock in order to get under the tunnel!

1(i) - Epping. Maybe Chesham, but Epping looks further north.

If I remember correctly, the extended East London Line will use normal railway stock - the tunnel under the Thames seems to be large enough to accommodate it.

2) yes - the furthest south is going to be West Croydon (probably)

Just waiting for an answer to 3iii - the furthest south on the Circle line

3(iii): Sloane Square. Didn't cheat really, just confirmed my guess with Geoff's geo map:

2 - surely Heathrow T4 is furthest West, and this will soon be beaten by T5?

Ooops - forgot about the Met line!

When the East London Line Extension opens the furthest south Underground station will still be Morden. The East London Line is being converted to a conventional railway and sponsored by TfL Rail. The idea it will still be a LUL Underground line is a common misconception. You are in good company. Croydon Council were until recently proudly announcing "the tube is coming to Croydon".

Ah well - I suppose at least that means six more stations will become 'abandoned' tube stations, which'll be something else to write about.

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