please empty your brain below

that is a very long sentence.

Oh the suspense
is love in the air?

What makes you think the fat man is oblivious?

is that woman trying to flirt with me?

No - she's just looking because you've got tomato soup round your mouth

The suited woman looking aimless round the carriage is only pretending to look aimlessly. Actually, she's closely observing the occupants of the train - rather like you, but slightly more subtely Could have been me.

There's much less flirting on the bus than there is on the tube. Maybe because everyone's mostly sat facing forwards, so there's less opportunity.


Your best entry yet.

This is what it is all about.

that could have been any tube journey really

Except for late night ones of course which we all know are completely different!

The flirting thing's weird. If people do it, why does it generally need a forensic scientist to interpret the results. If people don't, what the bloody hell do they do on the tube!

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