please empty your brain below

I'll start you off with 'Covent Garden'.

Hmmm, good one.


Watford (metropolitan line, rather than mainline)

dg writes: Having gone to school next to that station I can assure you that a bus does indeed pass by, but it's only hourly and therefore a bit useless.

Don't remember there being many buses around Ravenscourt Park. Depends if you count the buses going down King St as being close enough or not...

Potentially Maida Vale, Russell Square and Wimbledon Park as both are slightly off the main road - but I can't remember how far the walk is!

Katharine - agree re Watford - it's not on any route to anywhere much! Croxley's the same.

dg writes: Oi! I grew up in Croxley, and it is therefore desperately important. And full of buses.

The spider map for West Finchley shows the 326 (hail and ride section) passing directly outside the station along Nether Street. However the bus actually runs via Courthouse Gardens and Courthouse Road, where at number 60 it passes a plaque marking the home of Harry Beck, who I am sure would be horrified at the inaccuracy shown on a London transport map.

Moor Park is nowhere near a bus route if I remember right.

Dollis Hill?

Russell Square doesn't have buses which drop off *right* outside, but there are several which stop only about 2 minutes walk away. I'm not sure if that counts or not.

How about Embankment and Temple?

The buses along King St near Ravenscourt Park definitely stop less than 3 minutes walk away - I did that walk today.

You missed Barons Court again. I'm beginning to notice a theme.

Ian's emailed me this link to an interactive map which allows you to check the buses that serve each London Underground station.
Dead useful.

And, apparently...
• The 226 runs near Dollis Hill
• Barons Court is indeed bus free
• Shoreditch again - no buses

But, damn, the N50 nightbus passes both Embankment and Temple stations


I've been to the Berney Arms. I went to the pub, not the station.

I'd dispute Covent Garden - the RV1 terminates in Drury Lane which is less than three minutes walk away from the station - not in a direct line mind you so it probably only works for real Londoners, which is ironic really as the route is purely a touristy affair

I suspect most tourists couldn't find the RV1 stop within ten minutes of leaving the station, let alone three...

West Harrow

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