please empty your brain below

Just one station each please.

1) Shoreditch

3 - Camden Town. Most of the time, anyways. They ignore that rule on occasion.

I think 1) is Cannon Street.

As I found out, much to my dismay one day.

dg writes: It used to be closed, but they recently statrted opening it on Saturdays again

6) Heathrow terminal 4

2) Chancery Lane

7) Aldwych

2) Cannon Street.

5. Chigwell

I've just looked at the tube map, and there's actually three answers to #2, DG.

Sorry to be pedantic and all, but well, I'd hate to see someone done out of an answer... :¬)

dg writes: Ah, but do you have the most up-to-date map? As of very recently, Temple is now open on Sundays

6) Queensway

6) Heathrow Terminal 4

Still to be guessed:
all of 4 and 8
some of 2, 5 and 7

Yes but DG, do you have the very latest as of this morning

4) shoreditch

Since it's after five, I'm going to give a second one.

8 is the most popular answer of this mini-quiz -> Shoreditch.

Could the missing ones in 7 be Ongar and North Weald?

DG, the map I looked at was the one on the TfL website, so I kind of figured that might be the up-to-date one.

And while it does say that Temple is now indeed open, it also says that Southwark is closed...

dg writes: Unfortunately what it says is that the Waterloo & City line is closed on Sundays, not neighbouring Southwark station. It's certainly not very clear though...

5. Grange Hill and Roding Valley

(yes, I know I had more than my fair share on answers, but it is 24 hrs later!)

Olympia's the last one for #4. But I did have to cheat and look at the map.

OK, I admit defeat... *grin*

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