please empty your brain below

Ah Great - another tube week.

Really resists urge to not out geek you on tube stuff......

Finds it impossible

Check out someone's comments on my blog for an even fuller list

Oops sorry that will teach me for not clicking on the links on your post - I can see you already found the full list. Slaps wrist. Sorry

Error number 34 is a bit spooky.

I wonder whether there is a subset of these error codes for the readers on the buses? (No touch-out on buses.) I got error 42 once (passback) on a bus.

Now I am ever so slightly embarrased. I printed out the full list and I keep it in with my Oyster Card.

Now, if only I could find my Oyster Card for next week.

Was #82 written by Mister Spock?

I love the illogical use of ticket error, I wonder just what you have to do to trip that one.

Just as well I work from home - I nearly snorted diet coke all over my keyboard... I now have an almost irrestible urge to write a short story turning these into entry/position/practise tickets for some sort of s-f/alien br0thel.

[slaps self and attempts to drag mind out of the sewer] No. No spare haddock. Back to work.

On the other hand, I was looking for a subject for a short story to try out for the Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine...

Thanks, DG!

Number 61 seems somewhat draconian. Are we not allowed to take our time? What if we feel the need for a bit of a sit down on a platform bench to recover from the crush on board? What about if we're waiting to meet someone on the platform?

Or perhaps I'm misunderstanding the situation...

first there was bird watching, then there was train spotting, then there was plane spotting and now there is tube spotting.

DG, admit it: you're an anorak

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