please empty your brain below

Use your skill and judgement (and not a map) to decide which of the 15 station names include a genuine apostrophe.

for example: bcehikn

St James's Park is one because even I occasionall wonder why they don't just follow the rules and spell it St James' Park.


Earl's Court, King's Cross, Queen's Park, Regent's Park, St James's Park (which is as as it should be), St John's Wood and St Paul's.
Is there a prize, or is this just for honour?

My guess (and it's a guess - I've been good and not looked at the TfL map) would be :


Or is this another of your "who comments/answers these things anyway?" tests? *grin*

I guess cfhjklm.

Er... Qwyghlm?


And I note the trick question N too - you should have added Barons Court.

Damn - how did I miss Barons Court?
(no apostrophe)

And why does Earl's Court have an apostrophe when Barons Court doesn't, eh?

Correct apostrophes: Earl's Court, King's Cross St Pancras, Queen's Park, Regent's Park, St James's Park, St John's Wood and St Paul's.

And Shepherds' Bush should have been Shepherd's Bush.

Nice little piece on the Earl's Court apostrophe here.

Or it's nice if you, like me, worry about these things.

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