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Having just experienced Crush Capacity on the Central line, I can tell TfL that their calculations fail to take account of bag size, and the fact that many fat Essex lumps weigh considerably more than 72kg.

There are two times when I thought going by Victoria line south in the morning was a good idea. Never again. Usually at Finsbury Park it seems you have to wait for several trains to pass before you are at the front of the platform with anything like a semblance of getting on the train.

It all makes for a very frustrating start to the day!

I still wish that they'd take into account that Northern Line trains are a fair bit shorter than Victoria or Central Line trains. Balham is really the last stop before Stockwell where you can reasonably expect to get on the first train that arrives in the station.

I think I need a seperate blog where I, and a few other people, can just bitch non-stop about the Northern Line.

I used to take the victoria line from Highbury and Islington to Euston every day and I have to say that it was a far pleasanter experience than my current journey up on the Northern line from Clapham, despite the differences in overcrowding.

I was one of the 42,000 on the Victoria Line for 2 years - but I always caught it from Seven Sisters where some trains start empty from the depot, so I'd get a seat and be able to watch it all happen down to Oxford Circus. Incidents trains unable to leave Finsbury Park because the weight of passengers inside the train crushed against the doors and setting off alarms in the cab were fairly common.

After a time I realised it was quicker to change to the westbound North London Line at Highbury to get where I was going, so I've been doing that ever since. Quicker, yes, when it was on time (read: never) but far more overcrowded than the Victoria Line will ever be.

I'm finally getting used to my just over 40-minute journey from Clapham South to White City. 10 minutes overground from Ealing Broadway seems like a distant yet blissful memory. However, the figure of Clapham Common to Stockwell did interest me, because far more people always seem to get on at Clapham South, with me, than at either of the following stations. Of course, I travel on the Charing Cross rather than Bank branch, and the latter does always seem much busier, despite the increased frequency of trains on that version of the line.

And I should get out more. Really.

I used to do Finsbury Park to Euston. Not fun. Then Clapham South to Chancery Lane (via either Bank or TCR depending on what train came first). Also not fun.

Now that I don't take the tube at all I'm very glad. Not that the buses don't have a whole, new set of frustrations to go with them. Like the fact that they're slow, filthy and full of nutters.

I used to travel on the Northern Line from Tooting - from Tooting Broadway you'd get a seat someimes, from Tooting Bec, forget it. There was one whole year when the Northern Line woul be guaranteed to break down properly once a month and you'd have to abandon it for the buses (which of course would now be crammed full). And don't even talk about the summer when the Bank branch was closed. *shudder*

Isn't this information useful to terrorists?I'm shocked at the number of people they think they can get on the trains - especially when some people obviously don't wash properly.

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