please empty your brain below

Aha, I look forward to these

Excuse me, your elbow is in my face.

Excellent news, dg.

I miss the old "Mind the gep" at Bank... AFAIK it was replaced earlier this year. He must have been pre-war. I hope they put the recording in the London Transport Museum.

I should have heeded what you said last time round.

Yes - I walked from Bank to Monument recently...

As someone who used to commute regularly on the second busiest line, I look forward to this.

Yay! Being a tube-geek myself I'm looking forward to this!

What I and every other tube commuter demands to know is which line's chosen seat pattern looks most like vomit.

Vaughan - you'll be wanting this website where you can check for yourself. My money's on the design bottom right.

Bring on the tube features!

Well done, DG!

excellent! i await this weeks posting with bated breath! and...interestingness!

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