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Fawlty Towers - one of the best ever....

Manuel was my favourite.

Hard to believe it was 30 years ago - I must have watched each episode 30 times and it STILL has me in stitches

I can't stand Fawlty Towers. Even as a child I would get wound up watching it.

I told you about the nuclear reactor in Marshgate Lane. Once again, DG was the first to know.

The mother of one of my friends at university was a "Bernardo child". She was shipped to Canada at a tender age to be adopted out. Apparently this child migration programme saw 30,000 children sent to Canada between 1882 and 1939. Others were sent to Australia. The initiative was seen as a way to stock the colonies with British genes while reducing England's poor population. Rather than the Bernardo foundation paying 12 Pounds per year to support a child in England, a one-time cost of 15 Pounds carried a child away permanently. The courts heard several cases in which poor families fought the extradition practices.

i suppose you've seen this:

I think Ireland also claims Rockall. It's supposed to be nearer to a bit of Ireland than to bits of Britain. Think Donegal. And of course if there are a zillion googillion barrels of oil under there then all the better.

In fact the charmingly named Wolfe Tones had a song that went "Rock on Rockall, you'll never fall." They have a lot of songs like that.

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