please empty your brain below

As usual DG. Finger on the pulse....

Great stuff - TV Go Home! (although I am looking forward to 49Up later...)

Oh dear. ITV isn't up to much is it?


I was watching the procession of lanterns last Sunday night as part of the Thames festival.

From my vantage point not far from Blackfriars tube station, I could see a big flashing light on top of the South Bank television centre - or whatever it's called.

They also had ITV50 projected onto the side of the building.

Big deal, I thought. I was never a big fan of ITV - but for me it's now completely irrelevant.

Rant over.

My beef with ITV is that on the odd occasion that they actually have something decent watching, the schedule usually ruins so late that the last five minute sor more gets chopped by Sky+. This does not happen with other stations.

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