please empty your brain below

In regard to the current franchise holders. Wow. I never noticed *all* that consolidation taking place. Any bets on how long Ulster, Channel and Scottish remain as separate companies?

I had no idea any of this had happened - at least it explains why North Yorkshire has been shoe-horned into the North East of England, and me thinking it was still Tyne Tees..

..although, hang on, we did have a regional look back at 50 years of Tyne Tees the other night. And it's still the TTTV logo after the news. Has anyone told Granada?

I hope that Ulster Television plc loses its licence or gets swallowed up.

It is truly awful.

The list isn't quite right: in 1982 Westward became TSW, and then TSW became Westcountry in 1992

You're dead right - consider it changed.

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