please empty your brain below

Damn impressive, Mr Geezer.

It's "licence fee", by the way. We'll not have Americanisms round here...

I saw in the new year in 2001 at Ally Pally. Wotsisname from the Prodigy was DJing, did a good set. Countdown, cheering, jollity. Then Primal Scream played a concert. They were obviously off their faces, and it was so dire that everyone wandered off to explore the rest of the building, get drunk and start fights. We left pretty soon after that.

dg - thanks for the guided tours, photos and links. Enjoyed the hike tremendously.

The death of an anachronistic parasite figurehead (otherwise known as a Monarch) a matter of national importance? Ha Ha Ha.

Spooky - we arrived in London a week apart (my 4th anniversary is on the 29th)

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