please empty your brain below

ah yes the Dagenham artscape..the goresbrook roundabouts are fondly known as the madonnas bra you've seen them you will know why...kinda shows how we have taken the "artscape" project to our hearts don't it.

I want to see inside Ally Pally, but I had enough trouble getting up the hill at the station, never mind up the hill, and I don't think I could get up the stairs even if I got the bus.

Maybe next year...

Why wasn't the Gherkin open this year? I was there for Open House Weekend last year and tried to get in, but the queue was way too long.

The TV Studio at Ally Pally was a little disappointing, although the video did give a sense of place.
However the theatre was fascinating. The small doorway gave no hint of the huge derelict auditorium and vast stage beyond. Very atmospheric.

Blimey. Ally Pally - I did my solicitors finals there back in the 70s - there were hundreds of us in the draughty hall. A lifetime ago, it seems....

The Gherkin was closed because some of the offices were in the middle of being switched between owners. Apparently.

The Artscape looks beautiful! (We could do with some of that here - though it would probably just be vandalised...)

Ah yes I made it to the Gibbs Building, though time constraints stopped me from getting any further - I think next year I'll try to make it to a few more. There's not really any excuse for not making it to Ally Pally considering I live five minutes away.

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