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Fascinating series DG. Great read!

Excellent doesn't seem a long enough word.... but it'll have to do for now. Nice one.

Most interesting series - will there be a quiz tomorrow to test who's been reading carefully?

A brilliant month.

My favourite DG series.


Abso-bloody-lutely brilliant.

The 46 bus seems to cover most of the Fleet's course from Hampstead.

dg writes: If you change onto a 63 at King's Cross, the route is even closer

Good reading, I have enjoyed it.

I think this would be a good point to produce some stats about which of your many Fleet links was the most clicked.

dg writes: Ignoring the links to my own photos and maps, the top 3 links were:
1) an aerial model of Kings Cross
2) Erno Goldfinger's house
3) JD & Stoop's Fleet sewer exploration

I'm not convinced they're the best three links, but they are the most clicked on.

Thanks for the tour, you inspired me to do something I've been intending to do for years - go and swim in the Ladies' pond on Hampstead Heath. Now I have satisfied my curiosity and know that the setting is lovely but the water is rather green and although you're not allowed to swim in the nude, there's a lot of topless sunbathing going on.

It's been a real treat. I've spent *way* too many hours reading, but I've learned quite a bit. Thanks. I can't imagine how many hours you spent into producing this tour!

Great read

Enjoyed every day- well done DG.
Sorry I have not added too many comments- I must try harder in future

Phew! Excellent series and some really interesting facts. Thanks.

Brilliant Series - Thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much. Thanks for making August an interesting month.

Another truly excellent series, dg.

Any more 'lost London' journeys up your sleeve?


I've not commented but have been reading. Fascinating stuff, when's the book deal? Seriously, if Vitamin Q can do it with a bunch of lists then surely you can sell this!!

I think I commented about having an old newspaper with a picture of the Fleet sewer. Well, I found the paper whilst tidying today, have scanned it and here's the link:

It's from the Illustrated Times 28th June 1862. There are some other pictures from it in the photostream.

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