please empty your brain below

That PhotoLondon site has some amazing images on display. Thanks!

Crikey - the link to is blocked by my net nanny as 'illegal or questionable content' - what on earth are they doing down there?

On a different note, if you go to the park to the east of Embankment Station, there is a thingy showing the previous high water mark of the Thames - it is amazing quite how much it was pushed back.

Do read Christopher Fowler's The Water Room---very interesting whodunnit with Thr Fleet occupying center stage.

M@r� - I wrote a review of The Water Room back on August 7th, at the appropriate location. It's a dead good book though, and (for those who don't have a copy) it's out in paperback this week.

Bazalgette should be equally as famous as Brunel and Wren. My Pears Cyclopaedia (1995 edition) gives Brunel 11 lines, Wren 13 lines, Bazalgette a bit fat zero.

Just wanted to say, nice work geezer! Really enjoyed the story of the Fleet and you've answered a lot of my 'what's that?' questions about London e.g. Kingsway Subway and Blackfriers Bridge stumps. Keep up the good work.

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