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What a wonderful and simple way to present a map. I'm sure a more wordy London AZ would work this way.

Fancy the challenge?

I suspect a complete A-Z would work better somewhere like New York where the streets are straight and run north-south/east-west.

But these maps would certainly work for any simple single road junction - not that they're all this interesting, mind.

Wynkyn de Worde is so very Pratchett. William Caxton is partly to blame for shaping the English language as he made up spellings to match sounds as he went, which is why a bandage is ‘wound’ around a ‘wound’, why ‘cough’ rhymes with ‘off’, why ‘bow’ rhymes with ‘cow’, and why you might ‘shed’ a tear after seeing a ‘tear’ in your best dress or trousers.

[Source: Robert Lacey, Vol 2 History of Britain ]

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