please empty your brain below

I had some Willie the Kid stuff - very disturbing and still as good today.

I loved Whizzer & Chips and Sweeney Toddler in particular was totally surreal!

sorry to be a link pedant but your whizzer and chips link is for krazy. great post.

Thanks LindPedant (you're most welcome).

Links to Whizzer & Chips (and Monster Fun) should now be operational and correct.

There was Action, of course, featuring Hookjaw the shark, and Tiger comic. Ah, those were the days.

2000AD - gods, that takes me back... Ace Garp, Strontium Dog, Moon Runners, Durham Red, Tyranny Rex...

Followed the link and was both angry and depressed to learn that The Ballad of Halo Jones was originally supposed to be 9 volumes long but stopped short at three because of intellectual property rights disputes over the characters.

I love that series. I still want to know where they were going to take it, the hints and clues at the beginning of volume 3 were just hair-pulling-out tantalising teasing...

What about TV Century 21? Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 etc. Showing my age now!

Sparky was always my favourite, followed by Shiver & Shake, Cor! and Whizzer & Chips. I once had a letter printed in Shiver & Shake, and received a 50p postal order for my trouble.

I used to get all those, DeeGee.

Krazy - Stars Cheeky, Walter, Knock Knock Door, Pongo Snodgrass.

Buster - w. Chalky.

Monster Fun - w. Creature Teacher, Gums (Jaws sans hampsteads).

Whizzer and Chips - I used BASIC to decipher the codes. w. Sid's Snake.

And don't forget the Christmas Albums!

Ah, blissful times!

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