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Titter. I work on Snow Hill and that has really brightened up my day. Now as I look out of my window dreaming of escape I can imagine poor old eighteenth century grannies being rolled.

I don't know London very well but I had to go somewhere near there for a training course last year and remember thinking what a pretty bridge, but it needed doing up. At last, somewhere I recognise!

PS Did you catch that BBC comedy (about 10pm last night) about creating your own country? Did you notice that the chap who is presenting has made his own country in a flat in BOW?

Tee hee, Holeburne!

I had no idea it went any further than it's currently visible. Fascinating. And yes - for as long as I can remember it's had temporary-looking concrete rubbish and scaffolding around it.

This has been a brilliant series, BTW. Just thought I ought to say that.

i'd have been a hector given the choice. were they as nasty as the mohocks dg?

Hectors were "Street bullies and brawlers who delighted in being as rude as possible, especially to women. Robbery was not their object, but simply to get talked about."

Not quite as evil as the barrel-rolling Mohocks:
"You sent your Mohocks next abroad,
With razors armed, and knives;
Who on night-walkers made inroad,
And scared our maids and wives;
They scared the watch, and windows broke..."

Those descriptions sound very contemporary to me...

dg writes: not much has changed since 1713...

gosh, that's not me,,,

If you want to see today's Fleet River, go to

I'm there on Tuesday, Jack

Tee hee... snigger... Poor woman. Those damn Mohocks bounders needed a good 'short back and sides' haircut and two years National Service in the army or navy. After which castration would be applied for any like offence.

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