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Boo! We (I) want words and links and trivia and facts.

There are at least twelve links underneath the photos, complete with full facts and trivia (like the fact that Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace was hung, drawn and quartered here at the St Bartholomew's Fair - 700 years ago yesterday).

And hey, this was only a very minor tributary.

I cannot comment on the blatant advertising

However, I didn't realise before that red telephone boxes were produced in different styles/sizes. Can we have a post on these sometime please?

I mentioned red telephone boxes back upriver at St Pancras old church, because that's where the classic design was inspired.

If you want a fix of red box diversity right now, may I recommend Kiosk Korner and

But I can tell you that the big kiosks in my photo are K2s, and the smaller ones are K6s.

And that, if you like this sort of thing, the National Telephone Kiosk Collection is kept at the Avoncroft Museum Of Buildings, near Bromsgrove.

(Elsie, is this trivial enough for you yet?)

There was a whole march yesterday:

It tried to be big but was quite small. The kilts were nice though and there were quite a few Braveheart wannabes.


But DGeeeee, I like it when you pull out the salient bits, with a cheeky link and I stroll off into the link that interests me and take a look at the precise thing you've just mentioned and then I look around that website a bit, see something else of interest, follow that up some more, find a whole new website that I save in my favourites under a relevant category (odds, museums, London, Southwark, etc.) for later perusal.

The whole interconnectedness of everything has been shifted today.

i cycle past that 'DG Meats' sign every evening and always say to myself "must take a pic of that for DG". thank you for releasing me from that obligation.

The William Wallace Society had a funeral service for him yesterday at the church, 300 invited Scotsmen in kilts.

...Braveheart wannabes? They want to be hung, drawn and quartered (or just to be portrayed by Mel Gibson... strange either way)?

Is there anything DG can't do?

Quadruple sigh!


Ah, that's why I said 'Braveheart wannabes' (ie dressed up all Mel Gibson) rather than 'William Wallace wannabes'.

Far too subtle for simple old me Katherine I'm afraid but I see your point

Isn't dressing up like Mel still a capital offence?

Wonderful architecture, wonderful photos. About a hundred years ago I temped in an office in Smithfield for a couple of weeks, typing letters about meat. The place was a dump back then. The people were lovely though.

I still want a proper post on telephone boxes though. Was there a K9? I couldn't see it on a quick inspection.

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