please empty your brain below

I'd quibble with your classification of a wet day dg, we live a couple of miles away certainly haven't had 20 wet days in the last 40... the dried up ponds throughout Epping Forest (the most i've ever seen) a testament to that.

My definition of a wet day was one that was "not dry" - i.e. with at least some rain.

And I used the closest meteorological records I could lay my hands on (which, strangely enough, were based at Epping!)

It's rather harsh to criticise a ninth century monk for failing to accurately forecast the weather for 40 consecutive days.

The BBC have been unable to accurately forecast the weather for four days in total this summer.

I suspected as much (about the definition)

We can both probably agree that today is definitely a wet one. I have already been absolutely soaked on a short bike ride.

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