please empty your brain below

Checking out a map, a walk due South from my flat would take in Edinburgh Castle and the University, and due East would include Calton Hill and the Meadowbank Stadium before arriving at the coast. Either one of these could be interesting, I will consider it once my current "series" of walks is finished.

Thanks for the nudge towards the St Etienne lovliness. I might end up making a small purchase here.

Doctor Who is the first genuine programme I have been able to sit with my clan and watch as a family since Friends. I can't remember a UK produced programme that has worked so well across different generations. Genuinely good scripts, genuinely good effects and superb acting has made this a real treat for forty-somethings like me who remember the original with rose tinted nostalgia. The BBC and all who sail in her should be congratulated on this. May BAFTA's rain down upon them, there'll be no justice if they don't. GJ

Heh... "Milk Bottle Symphony" is my partner's LEAST favourite track on the Saint Etienne album. In fact, the whole thing drives him to utter distraction, thus driving me to the sanctuary of my headphones.

I have to say that, having expected a masterpiece, I'm still a little undwerwhelmed. The single is fantastic, though.

I hear that Tales from Turnpike House also comes with a bonus CD, Up The Wooden Hill, of music for babies. If it's any good it'd be a welcome development.

I am dying to watch the new Doctor Who. It debuts in New Zealand next Thursday at 7.30PM. I'm going to get the new St. Etienne CD soon--I loved Finisterre.

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