please empty your brain below

My favourite name:

"O, Poor Robinson Crusoe! (How Could You Possibly Do So?)"

Brilliant title and strapline!

Yes, I appear to be missing. Silly Technorati.

dg writes: added

Me too, not there, enjoy your blog !

dg writes: added

I too appear to be missing.

dg writes: added

Thanks DG!

Well, there's a thing... I vote for "O, Poor Robinson Crusoe!" as well.

I'm missing too...

dg writes: I can't see me in your blogroll, Kat

Missed me too

dg writes: **blogroll must appear on site's main page

So do we take this to mean that technorati is not comprehensive?

Thanks for the link. My faves are 'Confederacy of a Dunce' followed by 'The Zone' and the simple but effective 'Henri's World.

Sorry, could have sworn you were on there :$ :S

dg writes: you're added now, ta

*sobs* you never mentioned me......

dg writes: added

Some great names, some good blogs. Not that the two always match.

Bob Crusoe gets another vote. And one for Sreaming Yellow Fizz Bang, cos it's silly.

Ooh, I'm there. But DG is only the second highest authority in my own technorati rating, being beaten by Going Underground.

Missed me too

dg writes: added

Cheers muchly DG (and Mags too - I didn't realise it had that "authority" thing on it).

In terms of names I love "vegetarian mouse slayer"

I think technorati will only list those blogs that people have submitted, so that's why there's missing blogs.

in terms of names i, too, think 'vegetarian mouse slayer' is good as is 'lost in conversation and useless at scrabble'.

i think i'll have a peak at those now

Ta muchly for the link up.

Fave name "My Boyfriend is a Twat" - still amazed it doesn't get bounced by the filters at wor despite the name.

yes, thanks dg. this is great, a chance to look at a lot of new styles. my favourite names: Lady Muck, In The Aquarium. Hard to separate title from content once you've sampled...

Looks like I only left out a handful of you, which isn't bad out of 146. Any more missing?

you got me. thanks!

quite liking 'Moooooooooo!' as a blogname.

I don't appear (spot the late reader rather than the early ones).

dg writes: added

Now that really is service! Thanks DG.

Nice list - sadly, my blog hasn't been updated recently enough to appear, as China blocks blogspot, so it's a real hassle.

Personally, "No, Luton Airport" is my favourite title.

Cheers, mate. Your blog is always a great read.

Great name? I'd have to say Rest Area 300m.

Thanks for adding me...unfortunatly modblog is the name of the blogger or blogspot....not the name of my blog ...oh well, sorry just being picky now ;o)

dg writes: consider it changed

I don't seem to be on there, but then again, I don't really post much anyway.

dg writes: you're on there stefan, see under 's' for 'student'

Thanks very much.

I suppose I'll have to check out Technorati now.

Many Thanks dg!!!!

Oh, sorry. Next time I'll try not to be quite as blind...

Someday I must work out exactly how the fuck you post these things...I know nothing about computers, I've tried a couple of times and give up!
Otherwise i would mention you!

Cheers mate xx

Thanks for the link, much appreciated.

Sterling effort, DG.

Cheers, DG.

I'm an even later reader than the lovely Maddie, but anyway you missed me too. Great blog (yours I mean, not mine!).

Thank you very much indeed! x

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