please empty your brain below

Very good!

Have a good one DG

A wondrous tale indeed, and there was much rejoicing.

And it came to pass that unto some King Ken issued a proclamation and they were sore afraid and realised as they made their journey home they would be taxed. But King Ken spoke out and sayeth it be not a tax but a charge. But the people were afraid still and many decided to go home by another route.

But which of these peoples were the happiest?

I am wondering whether you have managed to spend more than a pound on Christmas presents yet.

I suspect that neither group are that happy.

Very fitting for our modern, consumer driven society. Bravo!
...also a bit too close to reality for comfort....
Happy Christmas to all.

Verily funny... and so it all came to pass!


I should think most of us fall in the middle ground, a little bit of Bling & a little bit of plastic, courtesy of Ye Olde M & S (everything made in China now),or Amazon. Happy Christmas to you DG and thank you for keeping me entertained all year.

Ah, Chrisp Street Market. My favourite place in the East End and home to the best curry in the area!

A memorable post. I think I shall have to save this one in my "best of" folder. I wanted to make an equally brilliant comment but while I was racking my brains Pedantic beat me to it.

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