please empty your brain below

Sales may be 320,000 but I'm reliably informed that the readership is a million. I guess all those copies discarded on the tube by rush hour commuters get read three times each.

I can vouch for the above statement. I can't remember the last time I bought a copy, but I get to read one every day.

Did he try and sex you up? *hides*

Well done you.
The DG beady eye, having noted, blogs and moves on to the next good cause.

Good on ya, Mate!

You deserve a gong for services to the community.

Do you think your Galloway watch will as much of a succes?

I was greatly amused to see this article yesterday and also oddly pleased. Well done you!

Of course, it made his job as a reporter somewhat easier. The lazy sod.

Have you noticed the staff looking at passing travellers trying to work out which one is you?

I note he missed the significance of the fact that the walls were BW Blue...

Excellent Mr Geezer.

Unfortunately, I - and all my colleagues - are having to go on endless, endless courses because of Mr Gilligan.

Also: sad fact - your hit counter has been running for 995 days. I do hope there's going to be a 1000 day spectacular.

dg writes: 'fraid not - far too many other pressing things to write about next week...

Well done dg.

Never underestimate the determination of a quiet blogger, as Ian Duncan Smith almost said. That's one hell of a punch you've landed there - well done.

Good work DG. Ever thought about being the journalist rather than the undercover mole? You could make a packet.

Good for you DG. And you were right to ignore the complete lack of comments from people like me on this subject.

Jolly good!


Guardian review, Evening Standard source - what next. Your journalist cousin is on maternity leave!

Blogging vs journalism - all about the exposure???

Either way your content is far to good to be "lost" on the internet.

You are becoming a bit of a media dahling these days. Will we being seeing you in the pages of heat mag anytime soon?

You might even have heard me on the radio on the LBC breakfast show this morning...
(except they wanted me to do the interview while I was at work, so it never happened)

well done dg, Andrew Gilligan no less...
I have been keeping up with things at bow on your blog - including the extra-long comments section, since I noticed it was a PPP (I'm interested in PPPs from a political perspective).

I thought it was interesting before it was even in the paper!

Mmmm dglicious denoument. Well done.

Well done mate - although sadly my own dog-eared picked-up-on-the-tube copy of the Standard hit the bin today before I had read it.

Woo Hoo! So proud of you DG! xx

All power to you dg!

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