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I loved the comment about how he escaped after the first attack, something like, he met an old lady who looked at him in a funny way and he realised what a sight he presented. His hat had come off and his collar had come loose from its stud. Imagine what she would have made of todays residents!

That's fantastic - I didn't know Woking had anything like that.

Damn, now you've given me a reason to visit Woking. I hate you. *grin*

Just read these three posts all in one go. Fabulous. I studied the Orson Welles radio broadcast at University so have always had a fascination for the story. The thing to remember is that Wells story has been the blueprint for a hundred similar novels and movies that have come since, and so the new movie is just one more example of what has become a long established tradition.

There is little else to recommend Woking other than the Wells connection I must say. (I used to live there and it would definitely recieve much in the way of improvement from a Martian attack.)

Really like the statue, though. That wasn't there then and it does look pretty groovy.

Not only does the statue look cool but an excellent picture DG with the elderly couple walking beneath it.

Nice one

Woking looks nice, has anyone been to cockermouth...?

Unless someone else has posted it elsewhere, can I submit for your appreciation a gallery of WotW book covers?

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