please empty your brain below

Rugby may be a ‘scarily middle-class sport’ in the UK but in NZ it’s the social glue that holds the country together. Just yesterday I was discussing it with the plumber who had come to fix my kitchen tap.

Bloody football, if ever there was a game that should be banned from tv its football. A bunch of grown men who are old enough to know better kicking a pigs bladder around a field ...

OH Dear, methinks the sun has got to DG....or he's getting OLD.

No mention of DARTS, SNOOKER and how about BOWLS !......Giggle.

Debster - They still make it from pig???

hey that's a bit unfair on...erm,... oh, hang about, fair comment. Roll on the footie season

I quite like the Tour de France, actually. And Wimbledon. (Press red and you can leave the serve-and-volleyfest of centre court to search out more rally-filled matches instead. Jolly good it is, too.)

And the last team to play Arsenal at Highbury before the move to Ashburton Grove will be...

Every chance of a good last thrashing, then.

Perhaps, dg, but M. Wenger may rest key players in preparation for the Champions League Final.

Oh the wonderful Wimbledon tournament doesn't reach the dizzying heights of entertainment of 18 men kicking a ball around a huge field for 90 minutes only to draw, does it?

I can hardly contain my excitement at the return of yet another 10 month's saturation coverage of overpaid foreigners, overspending foreigners and they're pouting partners!

Only 18 men? You must watch some very, er, "competitive" football matches.

Few days ago I've saw sport called Poker on Eurosport.

You're quick Bob - I don't watch it!

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