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I saw my first socks-and-sandals of the season on Sunday. It's like hearing the first cuckoo of spring.

I with you dg - I'll take knowing the time of day over the fear of the watch band white bit.

And I'm saying nowt on the topic of tattoos.

My freckles! They've returned! Hoopla!

I was watching the documentary about the airbus A380 on CH4 instead of Dr Who, far more interesting!

Your wrong Mate! Doc Who was brillient and most people who have seen it "love it". But it was the suuny heat wave we are now in that took everyone away from there teles out into the sunshine

Naw, it was lame. Oh look, the tardis can fill me with wispy stuff and turn me into a GOD for the price of one teeny little life. Think the Master wouldn't have figured that one out?

Dr who Was fantastic and worth missing a little sunshine for....I wonder if the viewing figures took in the many repeats of the episode spread over the following few days?

The amended viewing figures taking in repeats and videoing usually take longer to release. Should be out by next week.

Personally I quite like the odd tattoo. But I do worry that many people seem to take them a bit too far.

I have a female friend who, at 40 has decided to have a tattoo every 5 years for the rest of her life. She started with a small bird and will work from there. She is determined to grow old discracefully and I think it is great.
On the Dr Who front I think it shows a glimmer of hope for us all that we were able to switch off and go outside instead. personally I videoed it but haven't watched it yet becuase the weather has been too good to stay indoors for more than 10 minutes and the summer is too short to be anywhere but outside.

Dr. Who fangirl geekery on
Although it was only 6.something million overnight, in audience share terms it was 42\\%. Anything over 30\\% is considered very decent these days. And the AI figure (the approval rating) was at a staggeringly silly 89\\%. Any AI over 75\\% is considered lovely. You normally get a big share and a mid/low AI, or a small share and a high AI. Who's getting a big share and a high AI.
I know how DG likes stats so here's a graph of the overnights & final ratings.
Dr Who fangirl geekery off

Surely, since a little UV is vital, a light tan is more healthy than no sun at all? Not the lobster-red, just not pallid.

I tend towards the pallid, I'm afraid. Only in terms of complexion, though; hopefully my personality is slightly more colourful. Probably not.

Being a huge fan of Russell, I did watch Who and rather enjoyed it, although I remain unconvinced by Rose's desirability. And the Daleks just don't scare me; I think I'm the wrong generation.

Anyway, I'll be quiet now.

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