please empty your brain below

It's really annoys me when it should be its. But what can you expect from the Grauniad?

And how behind the times are they? We've known about your wonder and bonhomie for yonks.

What fame. I may have had the odd letter published but they have never written about me.
Well done and how about a spiky hairstyle to go with the spiky writing.

Feel a bit under pressure to be witty now...

Congratulations! Well deserved! They didn't mention your recent, marathon, west-ish walk though.

Like I Johhny B I now feel under pressure to be witty.... nope sorry, can't do it

..but congratulations anyway

About bleedin time too.
Some stellar company in that list.
Proper bow.

sorry- but lets not get too carried away. Remember the Guardian readership is 368,337 a day. The Sun with its interesting articles on emm well you know- is 3.3 million.

Yes but with the Guardian, DG will be getting 'quality' traffic: the sort that comes back to read his blog again and again.

Better to have 100 of them, than a 1000 fickle page three readers, who'll be put off by the lack of pictures on display.

Snob? Moi?

But have you seen the readership figures for the Guardian's website?

Unique users: May 05
Total: 9,990,157
UK only: 3,181,520

Yes, hearty congratulations are due. I look forward to further media appearances!

Well done and congratulations, you seriously deserve a bit more fame.

Someone will be getting a big head then....

And a lie in Sunday morning to recover from same. Who's a lucky boy?

It shoulda bin me

but like the Murphy's

very well deserved

And about time dg.

But, as Inspector Sands says, don't expect a great boost in your circulation. Just think of your quality readership.

I forgot. Try and get noticed by Harvard University's Global Voices ~

I've had a greater boost of regular readers this month thanks to a couple of links

You're simply the best, kid.


Trying to think of something witty to say... but then no-one else has bothered

Richly deserved Sir!

You know you owe it all to us, don't you?

Excellent news! And well deserved...

But my favourite walk is still the Meridian one.

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