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Also handy for those of us who use broadcast satellites for a living.

Sun - satellite - receiver all in a direct line = a bad thing.

Of course this also depends on how you define the sun setting. In my brother's Alpine house deep in a valley, in winter the sun seems to rise a few degrees east of south and set about ten minutes later* a few degrees west of south. I assume the quoted sunset assumes a level unhindered horizon.

* This may be a slight exageration.

I can confirm this through the powers of observation. Our house faces almost precisely due south and at this time of the year, the sun streams in through one side of the back windows in the morning and the other side of them in the evening. That wouldn't be possible if the sun set exactly opposite the point it rose from.

Is that true about the equator? A distant memory suggest that the tilt/wobble affects the direction even here. And I thought that the Tropics (Cancer, Capricorn, Ruislip ...) had something to do with it.

dg writes: Oops, you're right, I checked (here). Let me go back and change that sentence...

Okay, for the past two days I seem to have been getting strange flashbacks to my orienteering training.....

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